Gentle treatment with natural serum

Permante make-up and tattoo removal without laser!


Our Vision

Our vision during the development of the Pigmentkiller was (and is) to help people who suffer from their bad permanent make-up or have a tattoo that they want to "get rid of". We wanted to launch a gentle product "Made in Germany" that does not attack the skin and leaves no scars.


We have succeeded in this and we are proud of it!


Become a part of the Pigmentkiller family, whether as a user or (if suitable) as a trainer. We are open to cooperation and look forward to nice teammates.

Before (left picture) and after two treatments with Pigmentkiller.
Before (left picture) and after two treatments with Pigmentkiller.

The Pigmentkiller

The Pigmentkiller is the ideal solution - perfectly suited for pigment removal and/or tattoo removal. The age of pigmentation does not matter. The removal of pigments is done by introducing a purely natural solution into the skin.


The pigment remover (hypertonic saline solution) releases old colour pigments when used correctly without damaging the skin's own melatonin skin pigment. During healing, the colour pigments is drawn to the surface by the scab. 


Eyebrows, eyeliner, lips & tattoo removal

> to correct outlines and tattooed areas

> and suitable for removing old pigments. 

What is the Pigmentkiller?

The Pigmentkiller is a non-toxic remover solution. It contains no chemical acids and no ingredients that can damage the customer's skin's own melanin.


Pure sea salt, hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), grapefruit seed extract, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice and purified water.


The eyebrows of this customer were pigmented too dark and she was very unhappy with it. Even the painful removal of the pigments by laser did not bring the desired success. After seven sessions with the laser, the customer turned to us. After two treatments with the pigmentkiller, the pigments had disappeared.  

The shape and colour of the eyebrows are often artificially embellished. They express our feelings and support our facial expressions immensely. Unfortunately, however, incorrect or inprofessional work can lead to pigmentation results, that are very dissatisfied. In the photos below we see two different before-and-after results. 

Left: before (picture above) and after one treatment. | Right: before (picute above) and result after third and fourth treatment
Left: before (picture above) and after one treatment. | Right: before (picute above) and result after third and fourth treatment


Become a pigmentkiller specialist. Learn the tricks and skills from the professional and expand your performance profile. A workshop includes practicing on the model and exchanging experiences as well as details about serum and application technology. The cost for a workshop is 490 Euros net. Make an appointment with us today on +49 3931 / 41 04 989 or by email to:

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